Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Reads.....

Whoa, March 4th was my last post - oopsies. Well even though I have not been blogging, I have been enjoying some great blogs lately. 3 of which I find inspiring, sometimes humorous, and written by 3 very different, but very brave women. Do share you say? of course!

Cortney and I about to run the wounded warrior 5k. Along with many other Ranger family members.....

The first is a blog I found from a fellow Ranger Wife, Cortney . Katie, is anoother Ranger wife friend of Cortney's, whom I have never met (confused? friend of a friend!). Her and her husband were in a tragic car accident that put her in the hospital for a short period, and her husband is still on the journey back to recovery. Click HERE to read more about Katie- and her beyond brave story- she blogs true emotions, scripture, and great pics of her and her husband. She is in my thoughts often.

Gillettes and Holts unite. June 28, 2008

My next blog is technically not a blog, but a caringbridge website. This is a great outlet for people that are experiencing hospital stays, or sickness, to share their story and their progress with friends and family. Meet LAURA - I met Laura when she was dating Alex's friend Matt in college. Matt is our favorite red head of all time, he was one of our groomsmen, and we were at Matt and Laura's wedding exactly 7 days after we wed! They are forever friends.....Laura and I have gone through army deployments, army moves, army wifeness together! Her and Matt have never been stationed with us, but we lived it together :) Currently Laura is undergoing tests to get her closer to a bone marrow transplant she needs to combat a rare blood disease she has. She is AMAZING.

Carey and I being the best maids ever......

My third fearless female is my friend Carey. She just started blogging, and it is a great read! Carey is a fabulous italian mama of 2 that I met years ago through my wonderful sister in laws. Carey and I have been bridesmaids buddies many times, and once years ago I used her as a target at water polo practice... (sorry about that, we have come a long way). Her story I'm sure is one that a lot of young mommy's can relate to - I love the way she talks about her babes, and her lover, and she even incorporates some great jams in her entries.

Happy reading!

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