Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project: DOOR

I have just recently started working for LILA PHOTO in Palm Beach. It is a fabulous photography company, and I am really enjoying my work there. One of my 'side projects' was to help my boss design her new office- so first off, paint colors, carpet samples, and our fancy new door frame! She is a big fan of the Eau Spa at the Ritz Carlton, Palm Beach. They have these custom door frames, that are somewhat comparable to Alice in Wonderland. So I got some HUGE paper, pencils, erasers, and went for it- turned out pretty great! We traced our paper model onto plywood, and then had the contractor cut out the design with a simple jig saw. I love our final product, and I can't wait to do this in my own home one day!

Eau Spa

Step 1:

Final Product:

The door frame is approximately an inch thick, and the light plays off the white paint beautifully! More photos to come....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WoOf WeDnEsDaY

When I was younger we had a dog who literally SMILED. Her name was Lizzie, and that smile always brought my family so much joy. Check out this smiling pup!

Hello! My name is Jazzy! Check out my smile! I'm a nine-month-old female Pit Bull with lots of love to give. I walk great on a leash and love playing catch with you. I was surrendered by my family so now I need a new, loving home. Please stop by and see me!!

Jazzy is available at Broward County Animal Control: Fort Lauderdale Adoption Center
1870 SW 39th Street. Phone: 954-359-1313. They also have a location in Pompano.

I have come across quite a few sweet, loving, and gentle pit bulls- they get a bad rap for being an aggressive dog, especially in south florida, but they are actually excellent family dogs. Here are a few reasons Pit Bulls make great pets!
1. Pit Bulls are Affectionate Companions. Pitbulls are wiggly, cuddly, affectionate dogs. If you don’t like dog kisses then consider another breed, because most pitbulls love licking. The same goes if you have children and you don’t want them to be a regular target for face washes.
2. They are generally healthy and easy to care for. They have short coats and are normal shedders, and only need to be brushed semi-regularly. They don't tend toward genetic disorders like some other breeds, although they should be inspected at puppyhood for signs of hip dysplasia.
3. Pitbulls love people. Although this breed frequently gets a bad rap in the media, if you have ever met a pitbull that was raised by a loving, conscientious family then you will understand how much they like to be with people. The downside of this personality trait is that they can get overexcited when they meet new people, which is something that needs to be addressed through training and positive reinforcement. 4. Your pit bull will be you and your family’s best friend from the day you take them home to the day they pass away. While they will be naturally protective of their family and their property, because pitbulls are so people-orientated they do not make good guard dogs.Unless you just want them to smother intruders with hugs and kisses.
5. A pitbull will always do it’s best to make you happy, as long as you are clear about what you expect from them.
6.Sometimes presented as a negative trait, the fact that pitbulls have a high pain tolerance makes them exceptional family dogs. They easily (and happily) put up with the rough play of children without reacting. At the same time, pitbull owners may have to invest in prong collars, as the shoulder and neck strength of the pitbull means that sometimes an average collar will not do.

To learn more about this friendly breed visit :

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sit. Stay.

I've been enjoying these chairs lately, seen them in a few cute trendy places.....

This is at the Cheese Course in Mizner Park. ATTENTION girlfriends- you need to go here! A- MAZING!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Woof Wednesday

One of my fellow 'woof wednesday'ers' called herself a 'crazy dog lady', and I have to admit I am one as well. Children, ehh, dogs, I want to stop, pet, talk to, ask questions about them all! Here's a little cutie waiting for a great home!

Meet Simon:
Simon is: housetrained, purebred, good with kids, good with dogs, good with cats,and up to date with shots.

Simon's story...
My name is Simon and I have come from a high kill facility that took me in as a stray. I am small, robust and very inquisitive and smart . I love to give and get kisses. Please come in to meet me soon.

PLEASE NOTE: We require all interested parties to come to the shelter to meet the pet, complete an adoption application, and interview with our Director. We do not do same day adoptions or ship animals. For additional information on our adoption policies, visiting hours and directions please go to Abandoned Pet Rescue.
Shelter: Abandoned Pet Rescue, Inc.
Phone: (954) 728-9010
Address: 1137 NE 9th Ave Ft. Lauderdale , FL 33304

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

datz good.

I recently had a wonderful weekend of great food, amazing conversation, and the company of 6 beautiful long time friends. We met in Tampa for our annual reunion, and as good girlfriends do we ate, and talked, and ate, and ate. This was my favorite spot.....great atmosphere, a unique and lengthy menu, and great items to peruse and purchase!

Quite the unassuming facade....

Favorite title on the menu, so true.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My heart.

Being an army wife, an army Ranger wife at that has been the greatest honor in my life so far. I had the opportunity to be a part of a family of people that are truly some of the greatest people I have ever known. I have fallen in love with what these boys stand for, fight for, and what these wives can endure. Our bond with this group of people and their families is one that will never be broken, it will only get stronger through time. One year ago today, we lost our best friend Robert Sanchez. He was killed by an IED, that also greatly injured our good friends, Cory Remsburg and Tory Honda, among others. Cory is still fighting every day and on the road to recovery in a VA hospital in Tampa, FL, and Tory is in a rehab facility in San Antonio, TX. Not a day goes by that I don't think of these boys, our friendships with each of them, and the lessons this tragedy has taught me. Please take the time to pray for their families, and all the families that have been affected by this war over the years- the sacrifices they have made are for all of us. RLTW.
(From left, Cory Remsburg, Bryan Rippee, Rob Sanchez, and us in Las Vegas. 7/09)