Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Girl Room

So excited, my sister in law Christy is expecting her second baby, Reese Nicole Richardson in about 2 weeks. She has had to move Noelle into her "big girl room", and asked me to do something creative in her room. I've been dying to paint trees on my bedroom walls, so figured I would experiment with Noey's room first- I love it! We added the love birds for Noelle, who is just now starting to talk and name her animals.

" I will pray for you"

Well, back to blogging, let's see how this goes. I think I'll change it up and instead of just blogging my works of art, I'll start documenting the art around me. So quick recap of life since November 2008 (last time i blogged- ouch!).... Had a successful year and a half at 24e. Furnishings- met wonderful, beautiful, and creative people, a whole little family of my own. Alex finished his army contract and after many many smiles, and just as many tears in Savannah, we have moved back to South Florida. Still adjusting to the change, and yet again job hunting. My 'pretty Ashley' and I were emailing today about my job hunt, design fun, etc, and she simply ended her email to me with "I will pray for you". What better way to say, I'm your friend and I love you. Thanks for the kind words, and the encouragement to get back to the dreaming tree :)