Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hi All, well in case you're wondering where all the paintings went- they are still in the process- I was blessed to get a really great job, and it has been taking up all my time! So for now enjoy my place of work- it is fabulous!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spencer, my next muse...

This is my dog Spencer, she is fabulous- she is basically me, but in dog form, she loves to play outside, but has no issues lounging on the couch for a marathon of 90210...... She is going to be my inspiration for my next painting- although humans, dogs, or any kind of very realistic painting is not usually my forte- I'm going to try! Plus I think her Dad aka Mr. Alex Holt would really LOVE a painting of his Spency.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


A lot of thoughts went through my head while creating this piece- probably because it took so many hours! I started with a grid of circles that I made from tracing my dinner plates! Never being one to map things out I quickly noticed that my circles were slightly uneven.... but went ahead. After drawing one butterfly wing on poster board, cutting it out than tracing it 4 times on the canvas I began to create my butterflies. There are parts of this painting that are perfect reflections and balance, but there are many parts where things dont quite match up. In all areas of my art you will find vivid colors, an organic feel, and the beauty of nature which is never quite perfect.

24" x 48"

Peacock Shadows

another peacock painting..... I realized that in these past 2 paintings I have really made the piece more about the colors than the actual feathers.... so maybe in the future paintings I will give the form of the feather more attention, for now, this works.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Contact ME!

If you are interested in ordering a piece, or inquiring about getting a custom piece... please email me at

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

11th Court

I created this painting based on the colors of a peacock feather...... I think their colors and especially the designs in the feather are so gorgeous- this will be the first of many peacock creations. I named this piece after a street in Fort Lauderdale- it is a regular street, with houses, and even a Starbucks on the corner, but every now and then there would be a bright, colorful peacock strolling down the sidewalk.

11th Court
11" x 14"

Friday, October 3, 2008


Newest painting- I named it photosynthesis because the shapes of the greens and yellows took me back to learning about the seed, the roots, the chlorophyll, all those good things you learn in 4th grade and cant remember now!

24" x 24"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

City of Aspens

This is a piece from my college painting class, this is where my love for Aspen trees all began. The concept for this piece is the center square is buidings in a busy city- a total contrast from the peacefulness of the trees.

City of Aspens
48" x 48"

Hot Legs

Just finished this piece yesterday- Im naming it Hot Legs, because of all the stems...... stems/legs/hot legs/ rod stewart? my family?!? It all makes sense now.... The paint photographed more blue, but really the background is violet, brown, and red. I think it would look great in your living room/bedroom/bathroom/ any room! you, yes you......

Hot Legs
18" x 24"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sgt. Pepper

This is a piece I did last year- it is an example of what I spent years doing on the side columns of my math homework, english notes, science labs, and pretty much everything else academic. It took my "doodles" to a whole new level. When my Dad saw it he said it reminded him of the Beatles album, "Sgt Pepper and the Lonely Hearts". My Dad is a big inspiration in my "art world" he has always encouraged me to be an artist, even if sometimes it seems like just a dream- he is a very talented artist himself as well. This painting now hangs in the home of Ryan and Dawn Scharer- they were 2 Lonely Hearts that found each other 2 years ago, and my Lonely Hearts painting was their wedding present........

Lonely Hearts

Monday, September 8, 2008


This is a painting I did for my friends Brooke and Brad- Brad was one of my best friends in high school, and then he married Brooke who became one of my best friends at work! I love this couple and this painting, it is now in their new house and I hope it brings them lots of happiness!

"Retro Floral"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

by the way.....

If you see a piece of art on my blog that you would be interested in purchasing, please contact me. I can also make custom pieces if you just give me a theme and some color preferences! I charge by time it takes to create!


I made this piece for our new apt. I love Aspen Trees- the way you stare at them and they stare right back!

16x20 (6 canvas')


I really love bird silhouettes, like you would see in the 1940's...... I plan on doing a few more of these chicks soon........

8x10 Oval


I painted this while watching the Olympic Gymnastics..... I actually got the idea for the fire wave from the uniforms of the Chinese gymnasts.....


Baby Trees

In about 7 weeks I will be an Aunt! Noelle Marie is expected to make her appeareance some time in late October- I created this dreaming tree painting for her- I love trees, something about how they start from a small seed and grow into a piece of nature reaching and stretching for the sky!

Noelle's Pink Tree

Baby Blue

Sunshine Yellow

Inside Out Ocean

This is one of my recent works..... I created this piece for my friend, Ricky. He is so far my most devoted client- this is his second "Heather Daniels/Holt Original". It's very "rick" he's all about the ocean, the fishies, seersucker shorts, Jimmy Buffet, and reppin West Palm Beach. He is a wonderful friend!

"Inside Out Ocean"

Heeellooooo Lover.....

Well as I am typing this I feel like I am Carrie Bradshaw sitting at her desk, 6 inches from her window, eating an apple, typing apple. Anyhoo- my blogs will not quite be up to her standard, but either way I am excited to start!!